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The European Technology Chamber (EUTECH) is a registered NGO on a mission to enable European businesses to use technology for the benefit of Europe and humanity, guided by our vision Technology Obliges.


EUTECH is an NGO driven by its mission to uplift humanity through technology. We seek to drive European businesses to use their technologies to benefit Europe as well as humankind. We believe technology is a catalyst for inclusive and holistic progress - technology obliges us to promote development and disseminate European values.

From state-of-the-art virtual fairs, digital and real-world events to building global relationships between stakeholders relevant to our mission, EUTECH’s quest is ever evolving.

It is crucial these days for businesses and entities worldwide to be obliged by technology to bring prosperity not only to themselves but to humanity as well. We seek to ensure this happens holistically and sustainably, inducing a benevolent revolution that takes humanity to the next level. Moreover, we are ever focused on working towards reaching the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our international team works with the common mission of bringing together tech forces through the use of technologies for the benefit of Europe as well as humanity.


Our networking system brings together businesses and entities to help them cultivate global relationships and solve their tech problems through cooperation.

Advocates Database

Our members can access our Networking Platform and connect with businesses all over the world. Stay connected and discover revolutionary opportunities.

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EUTECH’s reach spans over 18 sectors broadly based around three key fields – Life Sciences, Urban Tech, and Industry 4.0. Several relevant councils comprised of expert thought leaders and leading players from the respective industries further govern our affairs across China, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.


Our chapters around the world expand our regional network and allow our advocates to enter and be successful in emerging markets.


Our commissions help us foster technological advances that will help promote the development of an inclusive, multi-faceted and prospering society.


Our councils help us foster development of different fields of technology to address the unique challenges of the modern world.

Digital Webinars

Stay updated on the current topics across industries and discover opportunities and a wealth of information through exciting daily discussions, facilitated through a number of EUTECH’s state-of-the-art digital platforms.

VIrtual Events & Summits

We enable our members to organize online events, including promotion and post-event communication. Our members can easily create events and stay connected with participants using a single platform.



Event Calendar

View the Event Calendar with all upcoming Events and Expos. You can also follow the calendar to stay updated with all our latest events.

Past Events

Explore our Archives and get access to past presentation and recordings. Also get exclusive access to our member database.



We enable European companies to become more competitive and empower them with access to finance and resources that will allow them to achieve their growth objectives. EUTECH’s media wing also provides holistic publicity and media support to ensure voices are heard and achievements are celebrated.

Financial Support

We provide our members access to finance and resources to enable them to become more competitive and achieve their objectives.

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EU Tech Programs

We provide various tools and schemes to our members to enable them to grow successfully in emerging markets.

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Member Database

Our members get full access to our Networking Platform to connect with businesses and entities all over the world.

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Latest News

Stay up-to-date on current topics, events across industries, discover opportunities, and a wealth of information in the world of technology. Get the latest updates on upcoming events, webinars, exhibitions, trade fairs, and more, organized by the EUTECH Chamber.

Position Papers & White Papers

The EUTECH Position Paper & WhitePaper are carefully curated in collaboration with EUTECH advocates to share technology-driven solutions and methods to help solve some of our most challenging questions on how we can improve our lives.

Visions for Europe

Visions for Europe is our quarterly magazine that helps us expand on our commitment to a sustainable future through technology. Our publication features interviews, articles, and reports from around the world and keeps you updated with latest news and upcoming activities.

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Networking Area

Networking Meetings

Participate in Networking Meetings organised by our EU Chapters every month. Along with our board members and technology leaders, these meetings promote inspiring dialogue and discussions to find advanced solutions to the most challenging problems faced on the path to sustainable development. You can also apply to become a speaker or suggest a topic of discussion.

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Networking Manager

EUTECH’s advocates will have access to the managers of over 16 international alliances who can connect you to their network of major tech leaders, policy and decision makers, and academics worldwide.

Networking Directory

EUTECH’s Networking Directory compiles a database of over 6,500 companies that can be accessed by our advocates and partners to help them expand their connections and truly realize their growth potential.

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Networking Virtual Space

EUTECH’s advocates get access and credentials to set up their Virtual Booth on the EU TECH Virtual Center. Our advocates can use this space to hold private meetings in their virtual rooms with potential clients and other members.

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Become a Sponsor & Promote your Business

Join EUTECH’s quest and reach tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, academicians, public personalities, and more worldwide. Leverage our rich network to build your base and tap into unexplored sectors and exciting new opportunities.




Through our climate action related webinars, events, and networking programs, we help create awareness and dialogue among technology leaders to develop advanced solutions for the challenges in the path to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Success Stories & Testimonials

Find out the impact of our activities and how our advocates define the success of our collaboration. See where we have positively touched the world through our revolutionary programs and activities.


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The European Technology Chamber is a registered NGO, which enables European businesses to use their technologies for the benefit of Europe and mankind. Join us to get full access to our Networking Platform and much more!

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Mustard Seed - IHD Foundation

The Mustard Seed-IHD Foundation, Vatican, is EUTECH’s trusted ally seeking to harmonize philanthropy with economy, technology, science, and politics. Based on Christian ideals, the Foundation fulfils the need for this vital link between the two fields grows as technology advances. For a truly prosperous future there should be balance in all things and this is what the Foundation hopes to oversee.

EU Tech Chamber

Thank you for your interest in European Technology Chamber. We are connected by our vision to create a better world. For more information :