We would like to welcome Concha Invest as a new EUTEC advocate

It is our great pleasure to welcome Concha Invest on board of European Technology Chamber. Thank you for joining us and believing in our vision #Technology Obliges!

Concha Invest’s focus revolves around small innovative businesses in several investment sectors. Decades of work ranging from the medical sector to software companies have led to a large network of influential individuals that can help Concha Invest’s portfolio companies.

Concha Invest believes in the importance of chemistry, shared values and aligned interests. Acting in good faith is extremely important to Concha Invest. We are delighted to have new advocate like Concha Invest who values the development benefits for the society, for mankind and for the planet to join us. Let us join hands and work together towards our mission #UNSDGs and make a difference.

For more information please click here.

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