China Chapter Digital Panel – China’s technology rise

Today, EUTEC Chamber China Chapter Digital Panel has been a great success. With nearly 100 attendees, we had a wonderful and insightful discussion on the topics of digital twins, China’s technology rise, China and the EU cooperation ahead and etc.

Our thanks go to our Panelists Axel Holle, CEO of  LD7 and Michal Ukropec, CEO of INFOTECH s.r.o, who have contributed greatly on this Panel; our  Keynote Speaker, our Chairman Mr. Florian von Tucher’s deep dive on EUTEC and the European Technology Center Concept; our Moderators Mr. Pascal Morgan and Ms. Sierra von Tucher for facilitating the panel presentation and discussion.  We are also very delighted to receive the message from Director of the Management Committee of Shenfu Demo Zone of Liaoning Mr. Dong Feng who extended warm invitation to us to visit Shenfu, China. 

Last but not least, thank you all for the interests and attention. Stay tuned for our upcoming digital panels and be part of the narrative. #Technologyobliges

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