TEC Flash – Digitalization

The advent of digitalization already started in Industry 3.0 – with the first programmable logic controller. Today, the majority of enterprise workload is processed in the cloud. With renewable energy becoming economically viable, clean disruption leads to a highly cost-efficient deployment of cloud infrastructure.

Ubiquitous connectivity (IoT) and democratization of intelligent devices lead to automatic data creation for a sustained asset utilization. Fully digitized supply chains are not linear anymore but an interconnected network of open communities with a “collaboration first” attitude for the higher aspiration of a robust digital services delivery.

Empowered customers and intelligent end devices will govern future offerings. Digitalization will enable new commercial models attuned to the individual needs and platform eco-systems to orchestrate value creation.

EUTEC’s Digitalization Council is designed to foster innovation and business opportunities for European technology – please check out the video. We match digital technologies with companies and markets to strive for innovation-led growth in Europe. Let’s learn more about Digitalization Council in the following video. 

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