Introducing our Commissioner: Nathalie Kazzi

EU Tech Chamber takes great pleasure to introduce to you all our Commissioner of Finance Commission — Nathalie Kazzi.

Nathalie holds a double degree in civil and environmental engineering and international studies, as well as an MBA from The University of Chicago. She serves on multiple boards and is a regular panelist and speaker on topics of Blockchain or diversity in leaderships.

In the corporate world, Nathalie starts as a Project Management software consultant in Paris, then joining Shell’s leadership acceleration program in the Energy field. In 2011, she joined SGS to lead the restructuring and launch of their global Health, Safety and Environment department. 

Nathalie Kazzi is now the founder of Blue Tree Advisors, a boutique consulting company sourcing good technology companies for investors and family offices. As the Commissioner of Finance Commission of EU Tech Chamber, Nathalie will invest her valuable know-how in creating lasting networks and joint solutions for the sustainable development of finance and responsible technologies.

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