14 December – EU Tech Mobility Council Digital Talk – After Event

EU Tech Chamber’s first Mobility Council Digital Talk on “Mobility challenges in cities and urban areas in Europe” successfully kicked off today. Within today’s digital talk, we navigated through mobility challenges we are facing today and EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council’s proposal in contribution to new mobility solutions. We were excited to have more than 70 participants, and a lively Q&A session between our keynote speaker, our MC and all our audience.

Cordial thanks to our keynote speaker Janet Markus, Chair Mobility Council and Executive Partner for Sales & Communications at LD7, to our MC, Stefan Stempian, the Board Member of EUTEC and Founder of Innovision Consulting & Ventures, and to Florian von Tucher, EUTEC Chairman, for the instructive introduction of EU Tech Chamber. 

Last but not least, sincere thanks to all of our participants. Thank you all for your attendance and participation. Stay tuned for our next Mobility Council Digital Talk in January.

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