5 January – EU Tech Finance Commission Digital Panel – After Event

Today our first Digital Panel of 2021 kicked-off! We had a very successful Digital Panel on the topic “Why Impact Investing Is On The Rise” which gave us interesting insights why Impact Companies are the Winners of the Future.

Heartfelt thanks to our Key Note Speaker Andreas Kunsmann from Polycare as well as to our Panelists Minh Q. Tran from Mandalore Partners and Nathalie Kazzi from Blue Tree Advisors for contributing such valuable know-how and insights in the fild of Sustainable, futuristic companies and Impact Investing.

Our thanks also go to our Chairman Florian von Tucher for the inspiring presentation of the Chamber, to our Moderator Nadine Böhnke for guiding through the whole Panel and to Javier Lopez for the very nice opening.

Sincere thanks to all the participants and supporter. Do not miss our next Finance Commission Event in February!

#technologyobliges #sustainability #europe #impactinvesting

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