14 January – EU Tech Ethics Commission Digital Panel – After Event

EU Tech Chamber Ethics Commission Digital Panel on “Development of Technology to Reach the SDGs” was successfully held yesterday! Within the panel, we navigated through how sustainability is more than only ecological sustainability. The combination of ethics and sustainability can be effectively incorporated into technological solutions and digital services. Therefore, we need to take ethics to communicate social ideas as a solution for digital products and services.

Cordial thanks to our keynote speaker Dr. Eberhard Schnebel, Executive Committee Member, EBEN European Business Ethics Network in Brussels, and our panelists Dr. Laura Bechthold, Board Member Ethics Commission, together with Dr. Georgia Livieri (Ethics Research Associate, Cyprus University of Technology). Special thanks to Florian von Tucher, Chairman of EU Tech Chamber, for his comprehensive introduction and EU Tech Board Member and Acting Chair of Ethics Commission Javier Lopez for opening and ending the webinar.

Stay tuned for our next Ethics Commission Digital Event in February. Find the registration link here:


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