19 January – EU Tech Women In Tech Commission Digital Panel – After Event

Our yesterday’s Women in Tech Commission Digital Talk on “ How Emporewing Women Technology in 2021” has gained great feedback! Surrounding the topic Empowering Women Technology, we had a lively discussion and provide detailed insights on the recovery trend and perspective on reconnecting the world via technology.
Sincere thanks to our guest speakers Dr. Mariana Bozesan and Sara Colnago for sharing your valuable insights and contributing such a great Panel. We also would like to thank our Board Member Sierra von Tucher for great open speech and also to our Chairman Florian von Tucher’s inspirational introduction of European Technology Chamber.
Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to our participants who have taken time and join the event. Thanks all for the support and hope to see you all soon in our upcoming events.

Stay tuned for our next Women In Tech Digital Event on February 16th and register here: 

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