21 January – EU Tech Africa Chapter Digital Panel – After Event

With nearly 160 registered participants for our “Digital Investment Talk on “Triggering Energy Demand by innovative Agri-Value Chain Building” the EU Tech Africa Chapter had a successful start into 2021 yesterday! With joined forces we are confident to effectively tackle existing challenges by forming solid technology partnerships!

Sincere thanks to our moderator Weston Kamasumba Munguya (W&H SOLAR VENTURES, Zambia), who – to identify key take-aways for the audience – led a very lively and open discussion panelists: Luca TrainiRES4Africa Foundation, Italy), Geoffrey Chege (Fawaki Fresh Pack International Limited, Kenya), Dominik Dieckmann (Global South Project, Germany) and Christoph Osterbrink (Steinbeis Consulting Mergers & Acquisitions GmbH Impact Investing, Germany).

Many thanks to our Chairman Florian von Tucher for his inspirational introduction as well as to all participants again for joining the debate.

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