27 January – EU Tech Smart Cities Council Digital Panel – After Event

EU Tech Chamber‘s Smart Cities Panel on the topic “The Future of European Urban Development” was more than successful!

Within today’s Session, we dove deep into the ethical implications of digitizing cities in a Smart Cities context. We also touched the Questions Cities have to ask themselves when becoming “Smart” to keep their Value Systems intact and coherent. There were some great statements on what we as Europeans can offer internationally and how we can strengthen democracy and avoid discrimination through and not just despite the Digital Transformation.

Biggest thanks to our two Panelists Stefan Slembrouck and Mario Bozzo for your informed insights and reflections into these big and important topics of todays day and age. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our Smart Cities Council.

Also thank you to our MC Laura Preising the Director of our Smart Cities Council and to Florian von TucherEU Tech Chamber Chairman, for the instructive introduction of EU Tech Chamber.

Last but not least, sincere thanks to all of our participants. It was a pleasure to receive so much positive feedback. Thank you all for your attendance and participation. Stay tuned for our next Smart Cities Panel in February for which you can already register on the link below!


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