23 February – EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council – After Event

Yesterday we gladly closed a fresh and cutting-edge Digital Panel on “Innovation Fields in Mobility” held by EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council.

Within the webinar, we explored together the first intermodal on-demand transportation solution with zero emission propulsions on the water and how technological solutions can be possibly entailed for clean and sustainable mobility and logistics on the water. It is thrilling to have such an instructive webinar with highly accepted panel and Q&A sessions.

Please allow us to give our sincere gratitude to our keynote speaker Lars Engelhard, CEO of Unleash Future Boats, and our panelist Bernd Mattner, Board Member Mobility Council. Special thanks to Florian von Tucher, Chairman of EU Tech Chamber, for the introduction of the Chamber and Janet Markus, Chair Mobility Council and Executive Partner at / LD7, for opening and moderating the webinar. for opening and moderating the webinar.

Last but not the least, sincere thanks to all our participants. Thank you all for your attendance and participation.

Stay tuned for our next Mobility Council Digital Panel in March. Find the registration link here:


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