26 February – EU Tech Chamber Environment Council – After Event

Today’s EU Tech Chamber’s Environment Council’s digital panel on the topic ” Opportunities we have with Europe’s Forgotten Industrial Sites” went successful today!

Within today’s session, we dove deep into the Europe’s forgotten industrial sites and discovered how to benefit from this industrial heritage while safeguarding the environment.

Biggest thanks to our keynote speaker Rolf Balthes (Managing Director at Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH Magdeburg) for your great insights, risks and chances and valuable examples on using technology to turn contaminated sites into treasures and to our panelist Roberto Quaas (Niederlassungsleiter M&P Berlin) who contributed greatly to our Q&A session and we disvovered that due Europe being so densely populated, the effective use of all available land is essential for economic growth. We were especially pleased to end the panel with a lively discussion.

Also thank you to Florian von Tucher, EU Tech Chamber Chairman, for the instructive introduction of EU Tech Chamber and Anna Huber, Environment Council Director at EU Tech.

Thank you all for your attendance and participation. Stay tuned for our next Environment Council Event in March for which you can already register on the link below!


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