Introducing our Director German Chapter: Nadine Böhnke

The EU Tech Chamber takes great pleasure to introduce you all to Nadine Böhnke – our Director German Chapter.

Nadine is an industry Professional, having worked in both domestic and International markets at large organizations and agencies. With a background in B2C and B2B domains, she brings a solid expertise and understanding of the needs of international and German companies to be competitive in local and international markets.

As the Director German Chapter, Nadine is keen on strenghtening European innovation capabilities by matching companies, technologies and knowledge in order to helping companies to prosper & grow. Additionally, she supports European companies on their endeavor to enter the German Market and is also helping German companies to enter new Markets.

Along with our experienced Board Members German Chapter, Nadine is looking forward to support European corporations to access new business opportunities and help build a community of trailblazers who utilize technology for the greater good.

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