24 March – EU Tech Chamber Smart Cities Council – After Event

The EU Tech Chamber Smart Cities Council is grateful to have had the opportunity to discuss Zero Waste’s importance within the built environment in today’s Digital Panel.

Our todays Key takeaways are: Re-thinking how the built environment operates Is critical in achieving zero waste and becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

– Garnering more trust through creating open-sourced data that can benefit local levels and international communities, which is paramount when addressing the SDG’s

– Technology is a great tool to use; however, the main drivers are people, companies and governments working together from a bottom-up approach and is target driven

– More incentive programs at the governmental level will encourage Start-ups and companies to adopt new technologies and foster innovation.

Thanks to our panellists Ryan Clarke, LEED APAdi Mager (Plesser) and Andrea Geyer-Scholz, who superbly provided insights into the role of Zero Waste with the Built Environment.

Also thank you to our MC Dominic Johnson, Coordinator Smart Cities Council and Stefan StempianEU Tech Chamber Board Member, for the instructive introduction of the Chamber.

Last but not least, sincere thanks to all of our participants for joining us today!


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