25 March – EU Tech Chamber China Chapter – After Event

The EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH)‘s China Chapter Panel on the topic “New Information and Communication Technologies in China” was more than successful with over 150 participants!

Within today’s session, we dove deep into the Information and Communication Technologies in China, speaking about trends and opportunities for European Companies in China´s ITC business.

Biggest thanks to our three Panelists Dr William Wu (One4City), Hans Jörg Emmert (China Mobile International Limited) and Don Zhao (T-Renaissance Inc.) for your informed insights and reflections into these big and important topics of today’s day and age. We are looking forward to continuing this conversation in our China Chapter.

Also thanks to Federico Gonzalez de Aledo as Director China Chapter for moderation, and to Sierra von Tucher as Chair China Chapter and Florian von Tucher, EU Tech Chamber´s Chairman, for the instructive introduction.

Sincere thanks to all of our participants. It was a pleasure to receive so much positive feedback.

Stay tuned for our next China Chapter Panel in April 22nd, topic is Business Cultural Differences Between Europe and China, register now!



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