We would like to welcome “John von Saurma” as a new EU Tech Advocate

John von Saurma – Creative Possibilities

Digital marketing network since 2005. 20 years supporting and accompanying of international brands from the B2C and B2B sector. Marketing Generalist, Digital Transformer, Content Marketing Specialist, Founder.

John’s focus is: Development and implementation of digital marketing strategies, agency management and stakeholder communication. This includes the selection of suitable service providers, strategic planning, controlling and implementation of digital campaigns. John is your digital strategy Consultant in the Inc. and midmarket segment.

John is specialized in an agile way of working (CSPO) and has a very good understanding of UX, UI & Customer Journey. John offers you development of ideas, creative concept design, digital media leadership, creative Communication and Design Thinking. John explains your digital playing field and optimizes your activities among with the help of Buyer Persona Workshops and Inbound Methodic.

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