4 May – EU Tech Chamber Finance Commission – After Event

Our Finance Commission held today a very interesting Digital Panel on the topic “A.I. – A new Land of Opportunities for Investors” in our EU Tech Virtual Center.
It was a great panel where our guests talked about the benefits of AI in all areas. Thank you to our key-note speaker Dr. Anca D. Goron PhD, Founder, and CEO of doorie, who talked about AI in general as an industry, trends, adoption of machine learning and AI, the importance of data and much more; and to our panelists: Dr. Maria Parysz, Founder and CEO of LogicAI and creator of Kaggle Days for sharing her knowledge and points of view on several topics, Paul Nemitz, Principal Advisor on Justice Policy in the EU Commission, for also sharing his very interesting views on the proposed new EU legislation and Jozef Balaz, CEO and Founder of iERP.ai – Business Prediction Platform for providing insights as a seasoned executive. Last but not least, thanks also to our Finance Commission Board Member Christopher Rolfe, CEO of CR Advisory for his welcome note and to Manuel Gonzalez Villavecchia, Director Finance Commission, for the moderation.

Many thanks also to our audience!

#ai #artificialintelligence

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