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Discover how STRATESYS revolutionizes the purchase processes of their clients by providing specialized services and innovative procurement solutions.

STRATESYS is a multinational company specialized in digital services and one of the biggest specialists in SAP and OpenText technologies. Stratesys is internationally present in several countries and locations of Europe and Latin America where the strategy will be focused in 2021-2023. Stratesys has a valuable experience in multiple industries to whom offer innovative solutions, always adapted to the specific requirements of each sector, as well as a high level of specialization and professionalism of its work team.

Their state-of-the-art strategy in  telecommunication, energy, consumer goals etc., STRATESYS optimizes the collaboration with vendors, reducing costs and times while offering services to strengthening the map of procurement solutions.

Discover the innovative approach of stratesys via the EU Tech Flash on our Youtube Channel!

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