25 May – EU Tech Chamber Mobility Council – After Event

With 110 registrations, this week’s Mobility Council Digital Talk on “Emission Free Mobility” was a great success. We discussed if there is one solution for decarbonizing transport or if we should focus on a mix of solutions, like green energy, hybrid or pure electric powertrains, battery or fuel cell, lightweight materials, digitalization of operations, data analytics, smart infrastructure, in particular for the shipping industry.

On behalf of the Mobility Council, we would like to express sincere thanks to our keynote speaker Mauro Sacchi with his insightful presentation shared on Emission Free Mobility, to our panelists Christelle Verstraeten and Jens Helmerich, also Janet Markus and Bernd Mattner for contributing a great panel through touching some key topics.

Special thanks to Benedikt Grütz, Vice President of the European Senate of Economy and Technology for sharing the Tree Certificates, Janet Markus, Chair Mobility Council, and Executive Partner at / LD7, for opening the webinar, and Serdar Yucel, Director Mobility Council, for moderating the webinar.

Stay tuned for our next Mobility Council Digital Panel in June. Find the registration link here:


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