#QUOTEOFTHEDAY: Norman Weiss, EU Tech Chamber Board Member & Founder “MittelstandsCampus Germany”

“A successful and sustainable transformation needs the right mix of talent and technology. And a door opener, like the EU Tech Chamber” – Norman Weiss, Member of the Board of the EU Tech Chamber (EUTECH) and Founder of Mittelstands Campus Germany.

Norman Weiss is an authentic entrepreneur, an international company executive, a passionate driver of tech-education, an enabler of international alliances and an advisor for digitized manufacturing and Industry 4.0. Scouting, developing, matching and bridging the gap between technologies, companies and people, he started companies in the fields of electronics, robotics, tech-education and gas-analysis worldwide.

Norman’s project of heart started in 2016 when he founded MittelstandsCampus which is a drop-in center, melting pot and tech lab for start-ups, small & medium-sized companies and R&D institutions to build the bridge to Industry 4.0.

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