EU Tech Chamber Ranking: Best Business Schools in Europe 2021

Europe, which houses some of the oldest and the most prestigious universities in the world, is the most well-represented region for business school rankings. However, after the Pandemic and facing unprecedented business disruption, steering business schools into a more profoundly innovative space is a must. But apart from that, what other changes should the business schools make and how do we define “Best Business Schools” in today’s world?
The  is planning to launch a “Best Business Schools in Europe 2021” ranking initiative. Our ranking criteria include Innovation, Technology, UNSDG, Governance, and Inclusiveness. Based on the surveys from EU Tech Chamber advocates, who are mostly leaders of technology forces and alumni of business schools, we will find the best Business Schools & EMBA/MBA programs for technology leaders and entrepreneurs.
The EU Tech Chamber deeply believes “With great technology comes great responsibility” and the best business schools should be the ones fostering great Tech Leaders who lead and care. #Technologyobliges 

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