We would like to welcome “Wittario” as a new EU Tech Advocate

Under the vision “learning through games and physical activity”, Wittario wanted to change the way we learn. Wittario boldly wanted to change a 1000-year-old proven tradition of reading and listening, by improving it using technology.

Its mission is to increase learning for schools and business through gamification and movement.

The result is the Wittario platform, that moves audiences off their office chairs, school desks and sofas and out onto a fun and effective hunt for knowledge. The best part is that anyone can create content and games for all.


Wittario uses Augmented Reality (AR) and GPS-technology already accessible in our phones to create an immersive and fun way of learning. Games in Wittario can be both distance-based and location-based. Distance-based games gives everyone the opportunity to play from wherever they are located in the world, while location-based games bring the benefits of interacting with the real-world environment. Through our platform everyone is able to create their own tasks and games. What the game contains, is all up to you!

Read more about Wittario on www.wittar.io, and download its app on Google Play Store or App Store!

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