EUTECH Chapters

Our EU Chapters around the world expand our regional network and allow our advocates to enter and be successful in emerging markets.



Our EU Tech Commissions help us foster technological advances that will help promote the development of an inclusive, multi-faceted and prospering society.

Ethics & SDGs Commission

Enabling European companies to use technology on behalf of present and future generations to foster an inclusive, multi-faceted and prospering society.

Academy Commission

Offers a curated overview of the latest technological advances and insights on promising future technologies

Women In Tech Commission

Aimed at bringing gender equality at the top of agenda for European Businesses

Climate Action Commission

Enabling companies to become climate neutral through using European technologies while contributing to the fulfillment of the UN SDGs.

Finance Commission

Designed to foster innovation and business opportunities for European technology.

Policy Commission

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 Our EU Technology Councils help foster development in different fields of technology to address the unique challenges of the modern world.


Internet of Things Council

The IoT Council, an initiative of the EU Tech Chamber, to build up new intelligent solutions based on the Internet of Things. “Things” like smart phones, sensors, wearables etc. in the private and the industrial surrounding step nearer and nearer.


Digital Transformation Council

The advent of digital transformation already started in Industry 3.0 – with the first programmable logic controller. Today, the majority of enterprise workload is processed in the cloud. With renewable energy becoming economically viable, clean disruption leads to a highly cost-efficient deployment of cloud infrastructure. The council is designed to foster innovation and business opportunities for European technology.


Advanced Manufacturing Council

Promoting the use of innovative technology and new business/management methodologies between European manufacturers to improve their products and manufacturing processes

Smart Cities Council

The Smart Cities Council, an initiative of the EU Tech Chamber, seeks to fulfill the ever present need for urbanization and connectivity.

Energy Council

EU Tech Chamber’s Energy Council envisions a future where everyone should have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy, technologies & services by 2030.

Environment Council

This Council tackles Europe’s most pressing environmental problems by agenda setting, monitoring, advising on and influencing the way the EU deals with these issues.

Mobility Council

EU TECH Chamber’s Mobility Council strives for a system change in mobility, solving problems by using new technologies in relevant building sectors.

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