Through our climate action related webinars, events, and networking programs, we help to create awareness and dialogue among technology leaders to develop advanced solutions for the challenges in path of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

EUTECH Programs

Our advocates have access to programs and tools that help them network internationally and connect with organisations virtually around the globe. These tools help them realise their aim for an international expansion and make joint efforts towards achieving the UN's SDG goals.

Cooperation Partners

EUTECH is connected with a strong network of partners across different governments, industries, academics and international companies who are all committed to support our vision and mission of using technology for sustainable development.

EUTECH Success Stories

"As the Chair of Advanced Manufacturing Council in the EU TECH Chamber, Lin Kayser will be contributing his know-how in creating lasting networks and partnerships with stakeholders who share the same vision with EU TECH by utilising technology for the greater good."

Lin Kayser Chief Executive Officer, Hyperganic Group

"A successful and sustainable transformation needs the right mix of talent and technology. And a door opener, like the EU Tech Chamber."

Norman Weiss Founder of MittlestandsCampus | Board Member of EU Tech Chamber

"When we think about our natural resources our mobility behaviour must become smarter. Smart mobility companies must not only focus on high-tech development but also accept the challenge of their corporate environmental responsibility. That means aligning the business models in such a way that long-term, sustainable values and the premises for business success are integrated equally."

Dr. Michael Müller Founder and CEO of Magility | Board Member Mobility Council of EU Tech Chamber

    EUTECH Testimonials

    “5 key information about climate change in less 20 words: 1. It is real. 2. We are the cause. 3. It is dangerous. 4. The experts agree. 5. We can still do something. Act Now Together With the EU Tech Chamber.”

    Jörg Tuchen Managing Director Go.Blue.Now | Chair of Climate Action Commission, EU Tech Chamber

    "Shaping our human-centric future mobility will require a high amount of expertise, foresight and courage. The EU Tech Chamber offers the neutral platform for discussing the design options from different perspectives and initiating the implementation."

    Bernd Mattner Founder of Mattner Engineers & Advisers | Chair of Mobility Council of EU Tech Chamber

    "In dynamic times decision making is essential part of the innovation process. Only a creative dialogue, one like the EU Tech Chamber is fostering, can provide a better and quicker orientation."

    Henning vom Stein Founder of Otone Public Affairs | Board Member of EU Tech Chamber Policy Commission